Our Fees, Explained

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Our Fees, explained..

Not all mortgages are the same and it would be unfair for us to price simple cases the same as the more complex cases such as portfolio landlords or complex income and debt profiles. For this reason, we charge based on the work involved to ensure each client is treated fairly and equally based on the attention required for the case.

Let us use our years of experience to ensure that you are getting the right mortgage. Most cases are approved fast and the first time. Where this is not possible, your adviser will give you an appropriate time frame to work from and agree everything with you in advance of any payment.

These fees will be charged no earlier than the point at which the mortgage offer is successfully obtained but the broker has the right to charge £95 of this upfront to carry out the assessment. The remaining balance will then be invoiced upon release of the offer.

Our Standard Fees Are –

Purchase and remortgage application – £495

Product transfer (securing a new rate with your existing lender) – £195.

Complexity Charges –

Broker’s discretion will then determine whether there will be any ‘complexity charges’ added to this standard fee.

This can range from £100 – £500 and will normally be as a result of the following scenarios;  

  • limited company, contractor or self-employed income
  • Bad (adverse) credit
  • Small loans
  • Buy to let applications
  • Further advance applications
  • A mixture of the above
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