Buildings insurance, contents insurance, accident sickness and unemployment. General insurance plans that protect our essentials. 

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Buildings Insurance – Necessary, competitive and reassuring…

What is buildings insurance? A cover that will offer to rebuild the whole property and put it back to its previous standing.

Your home is likely to be the most valuable asset you will ever own, there’s a good argument that this is the one cover that should be a little more comprehensive budget permitting.

Most mortgage companies will insist that this type of cover is put in place from your date of exchange, but instead of looking for a cheap cover, why not let us look for a quality cover to protect your home?

Contents Insurance – Cover the loss of or damage to the contents of your home…

A contents cover is a valuable insurance policy that will protect your much loved belongings. From expensive watches to that accidentally damaged electrical good (if you add accidental cover).

Contents cover perfectly marries with your buildings insurance policy to protect your home AND what’s inside in one monthly premium.

Valuable items? Garden cover? Flood damage? Precious items taken away from your home? All can be covered.

Unemployment Cover – You should consider the benefits of a redundancy cover plan

Unemployment cover is that crucial cover any employee should have in place – just in case a potential redundancy could be on the cards. This policy will cover you for a maximum of 12 months by paying you a lump sum to help with bills and the mortgage, this should be just enough time for you to get back on your feet.

When you are back in work, you simply pick up the monthly premiums and you are covered again.

However you must be quick, you cannot apply if your company are starting to make redundancies already.